Trance Entrainment HGH Workout Session 2


Audio Length: 9 Minutes
High Quality 320Kbps MP3
Headphones Required
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This audio uses binaural beats and isochronic tones for brainwave entrainment.
The frequencies used stimulate HGH release and also help keep you energized and focused. The addition of upbeat background trance makes this great music to listen to while working out.

The binaural beat used in the audio uses a carrier frequency of 424hz. This frequency helps with fatigue. It is paired with the binaural frequency of 1.05hz which activates pituitary stimulation to release growth hormone which helps develop muscle, recover from injuries, and has rejuvenation effects.

The isochronic tone uses a carrier frequency of 220hz; a frequency that brings vitality, overall balance and stability.. This is paired with a 20hz isochronic pulse. 20hz brings increased energy and reduces fatigue.

(For Best Results Wear Headphones)