Terms Of Service

Terms Of Service

At no time shall we be held responsible for anything more than the price paid for any product or service.We offer a Money Back guarantee on all products for 30 days from purchase. While under guarantee or not, you fully understand that Premiumbinauralbeats.com DBA Letrab Marketing is liable for nothing more than the price paid for the product or service. After the 60 day guarantee is expired, sales will become final and non-refundable.Any personal discount offer which is paid through Paypal comes with No Refund Guarantee..You further agree that Letrab Marketing will not be held liable for any damages including, but not limited to: computer damage, data loss, mental damage claims, physical damage claims, monetary loss, or any other claim of any kind. When downloading samples or purchasing  products, you fully understand that there is no FDA evaluation and you are accepting the risks associated. People suffering from medical conditions, epilepsy, high blood pressure, seizures, or any other medical related issue are advised to refrain from purchasing or using the samples. Consult your doctor for advice.

Products and Services are for educational and novelty purposes only

No product can guarantee metaphysical abilities. The theory of metaphysical abilities itself is still debated. Therefore, there is no promise expressed or implied that guarantees any such thing. Much of our descriptive writing is opinion and should be viewed as such. Our products are designed for specific purposes as stated, but there is no guarantee on progressions. It takes dedication and practice to succeed. Therefore, it shall be clear to any “Action takers” that any and all products offered are for novelty purposes only.

Third Party Monetary Processing

Letrab Marketing uses third party payment processing systems. These systems are deemed “Secure” and trusted, but Letrab Marketing assumes no responsibility for monetary transfer disputes of any kind. If concerns arise, I can supply the requesting party with contact information for the associated payment processing service. Refund requests and such should be sent through our Contact System.

Products and Services are NOT for Medical Use

As stated above, products are for novelty purposes only. They have not been tested in medical situations and should not be purchased or used for any medical application. If you fail to observe this warning, you are accepting any and all consequences (good or bad) that may transpire.  Letrab Marketing can not offer medical advice or evaluate medical situations as we have no formal education in the medical profession.

Letrab Marketing is NOT responsible for Improper Use

Products offered are NOT to be used improperly.  While using our products, you should NOT:  Drive, Drink Alcohol, Use ANY Drugs (legal or illegal), operate machinery of any kind, or be involved in any activity that has the potential to cause physical or mental harm.  Using products with medical conditions also constitutes “improper use”.  Proper Use also means that you are sure that your body and mind are stable enough to handle the effects of our products. If you are unsure, it is advised not to purchase. You are in sole discretion of this decision and you assume any and all liability by choosing to purchase or take action in any way.

Letrab Marketing shall not be held responsible for the action of others

Many affiliates advertise our products and we have little control over their actions. If any law-breaking circumstances arise, please contact us and we will help as we can. Affiliates are bound under Clickbank’s terms of service and affiliate enforcement must go through them. We do not encourage any unethical behavior and always conform our business model to meet governmental regulations.

Email Communications

Any communication through email including but not limited to: questions, advice, recommendations, product support, or any other matter comes as-is. There is no guarantee that any communications are factual as the nature of the subject itself is debated. We may offer opinions and assumptions from time to time, but if any information is proven to be invalid, the communicating party gives up all rights to restitution, civil accusations, and criminal accusations. You fully understand that Letrab Marketing can not and will not be held responsible for any negative repercussions that may transpire by adhering to any advice, assumptions, or information given.